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FOCUS_CUP a brand of swimwear,with unique cutting,shapewear fabrics,all in black,the favorite color of all. bathing suits that were sewn in deep thinking and down to the smallest detail.the bathing suit comes in a cool bag for the sea.

As a stylist always were the ones I was looking for them clothes, accessories, shoes, etc.
And these were the special telling me they want'd look for them bathing suit! Special. Since it known to me personally as being a long and arduous journey toward the garment-sea search for the perfect
Which will be spread exactly and that was too flattered me just the way I like.
Therefore I most equal boutiques, specializing in designing personal designer swimwear
I even went and flew abroad do so and unfortunately I did not find bathing suit wants me enough.
Everything was the same style, nests in its regular triangles or incomplete when only the fabric changes searched everywhere and everything, so I can stay chic.


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I searched everywhere and everything so I can stay with chic,
And unique style as well as I do who loves the sea.
After finishing his studies in fashion design started to design for special swimwear and anyone who sees me was asking 'Where did you buy your bathing suit this special ?? "
Only then did I realize that there are so many Fasnistiot and they want to look full of style even on the beach.
So after much deliberation, I decided to take up the challenge (literally) and particularly for those desiring girls picked up at sea also style swimwear collection for special sectors
No one can remain indifferent to you in!